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Cookie salami recipe

Cookie salami recipe

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Cookie salami recipe

I put 4-5 biscuits on top of each other and cut with a knife into small squares. I did the same with gingerbread. I also chopped candied fruits, shit, jellies and chocolate.

Knead all the ingredients by hand, so that the pieces of jelly, shit, fruit peel off well, then add the ground almonds, cocoa and homogenize the composition, so dry. Then add the heated milk together with the butter, until it becomes liquid and homogenize the composition.

Lay an aluminum foil on the work table and place a transparent, unpainted plastic foil on top of it. Form the "salami" with wet hands and wrap well, taking care to cover the ends well. Refrigerate at least until the next day, so that the biscuits penetrate well, then roll out the cake and pass it through ground almonds, walnuts, coconut or even cocoa. I preferred to give it through ground almonds, for color contrast.


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